Who is Damian?


This is perhaps the most existential question for me, as I've had many iterations, both then and now. Throughout these iterations, creative expression and its intersection with humanity have formed the rich soil in which my work is rooted. Social Marketing scholar, Costume Designer, Educator, Image Consultant, Graphic Designer, Actor, Model, and Fashion Designer are some of the identifiers ascribed to me in the past. However, they've each imposed some sort of unintended limitation with which I am continually embattled.


But as I turn the page to my next chapter, I've discovered a greater sense of freedom in introducing myself - for the sake of obligatory check boxes - as an Interdisciplinary Artist. Within this vast creative space I am simultaneously a Storyteller through written and fashion form, a Creative Director, and a Producer. A relieving breath escapes my lungs as I unapologetically claim my space in this world.

It's this very same desire for freedom that has inspired me to rewrite my own narrative on masculinity by referring to myself as, "neo-masculine", or to simply proclaim "I am queer". It's also the reason I boldly claim that in spite of my upbringing as poor child in Kingston, Jamaica, I am a global citizen. And regardless of the pervasiveness of white supremacist delusion that (through colonisation) would have me believe a conditioned lie that I am inferior; I am in truth a Black Sovereign.

Welcome to my kingdom, where I am because you are.

Love & light,